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Melissa Kara

Hey there, I’m Melissa Kara. In the world of recruitment, I’m a trailblazer and thought leader. I run an extraordinarily successful home-based recruitment business.

Let’s rewind… back in 2014, I accepted a role as a recruitment consultant. Within three months, I was the team’s #1 recruiter. I quickly realized that my ability to read people combined with my communication skills made me a recruitment dynamo. I also realized that recruitment is a skill that can be taught and learnt.

Two years later, I became a mum for the first time. I knew my baby would grow up quickly and I desperately wanted to be there for every moment.

BUT… I missed my work. The satisfaction. The stimulation. The adult conversation. The money.

With nothing more than my phone, laptop and printer, I launched my home-based recruitment business. I’m now earning double my agency recruiter salary and working half the hours. My work is fulfilling and my business is completely flexible.

My mission is to equip people with everything they need to launch and run a recruitment business from their home - even if they’ve never worked in recruitment

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